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Pentagonal Units


Here’s a sketch of  for a bookshelf/storage unit which I started building last summer. Have been experimenting with different storage ideas to cope with the ever increasing amount of books and random stuff that I(+We) tend to gather.  Rather than a conventional  shelf I fancied a challenge.  The idea was to built individual pentagons that can be bolted together, added to subtracted to when needed. The pentagon and hexagon patterns on a football and the 3d structure of minerals at microscopic level were design influences. Built it using off cut pieces of plywood for the sides and hardwood frames for the fronts, and painted it 2 different shades of blue. Many hours later got it to this stage…


It turned out to be be bigger than I planned, (yes measure once cut twice) and when we moved the scale did not seem right so took it apart, (really easy with the bolts)  and joined 2 units together instead and it put it up on the wall like so…


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