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Organising Reclaimed Wood


What’s new… Well I have been sorting out lumber over the past few days, picked-up some mahogany that needs a little bit of work but will be useful for future projects. Lots of nails and a few layers of paint to remove but turned out pretty well. Bought some new lumber racks to store the lumber, the light-weight system can take 110lb of weight per shelf. Very easy system to assemble, just slide the rails into position and screw in place. This system could also be used in a garage or basement for general storage, really handy.  Putting the finishing touches to the vacuum system below the racks, bought a 1 hp Delta Vacuum which is more that sufficient for my space and casters make it easy to move.  It took quite a bit of time to source the various components and put it together but it’s good to look after the lungs. The clear flexible tubing from Lee Valley makes it easy to see blockages in the tubes and the 4″ galvanised ducting works really well.  Looks pretty good too if I do say so, if you don’t relate I understand. Also bought a new DeWalt planer it’s still in it’s yellow box (see photo) will be nice to get it up and running very soon.


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