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Classic Canadian Design: Robertson screw


This year marks the 100 anniversary of granting of a patent to one of the best Canadian inventions of all time, the humble Robertson screw. First produced in Milton, Ontario (near Toronto) by Peter Lymburner Robertson. It’s an elegant square based design which corresponds with a colour coded set of screwdrivers, No’s. 00=orange, 0=yellow, 1=green, 2=red, and 3=black. The colour coding system makes it quick and easy to find the right size driver when you need it. Another great thing about this design is a lot more torque can be applied to the screws due to the extra grip that the square based design allows for. The screws stay in place nicely and you can hold a screw at arms length and it won’t fall off the screwdriver bit. Use them all the time and think it’s time for a commemorative stamp unless it’s been done already.

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