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Reclaimed Maple


I recently acquired a batch of solid maple dowels from Post and Beam reclamation in the Junction. Originally they were meant to be used as handles for barbecues but for some reason were never used.  So with this material in hand I have been busy sketching and figuring out a few ideas for these pieces over the past few days. Thinking about putting them together as a coffee table or for some other use. The design part of the process usually involves a few sketches and trying different things with available materials to see what works the best. Sometimes unexpected ideas come from building prototypes.

The first step was to trim a 1/2 an inch off the pieces as they taper out at the bottom. Built a small jig, clamped it down and cut cut off all the ends with a Makita sliding mitre saw. After this was left with lots of wheel shaped pieces that I’ll use for something else as well. Hopefully they will glue together nice and easy but they may be tricky to clamp up, I’ll find out very soon

Here’s one of the ideas I’m working on…


So far have put together one side. It turned out well, it took quite a bit of time and speed to glue the pieces together as the glue tends to dry quickly. It looks pretty good in it’s own right, a full scale coffee table might be too busy so may do something different.


Started making some coat hangers with the same maple pieces.

More to follow soon.

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