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Maple Storage Units


One of my main aims of the workshop is to use as much existing material as possible when building projects. It’s nice to incorporate something that otherwise may have been discarded and adapting it to suit a project. Currently I’m in the process of making some storage units like the ones shown above.

Heard a story about the re-use of old shipping containers as residential spaces on CBC radio yesterday which got me thinking about pallets (or skids). I’m not sure which came first the pallet or the container, who knows, but the pallet is a very simple yet underrated design, (just a few pieces of wood nailed together) which along with the container and forklift revolutionised global trade.

Anyway, thought it would great to furnish a re-designed container with furniture made from pallets, nice symmetry methinks. I found a couple of pallets and spend some time taking them apart.

Easier said than done, I tried to take the nails out but quickly ran out of patience and cut them up instead.


It took about an hour to get a small stack of random pieces which after careful checking for nails I put them through the planer to see what kind of wood they were made from. The wood turned out to be maple and it’s quite nice, like the nail holes too.


The plan is to use the maple for the face frames(fronts) of the units as shown in the top picture with veneered maple ply for the sides. Some of the pieces are not that straight, so will figure out some ideas for that stuff later on.

Here’s a few shots I took while making the units.


Still have a few more to work on.


Decided to go with a water based analine stain for the insides, which gives a nice contrast (and less fumes) than regular stain. Will be varnishing with a water based finish, which have less v.o.c.’s than oil based products. V.o.c.’s are volatile organic compounds which are emitted from paint and solvent based finishing products , more information here on v.o.c.’s


First batch of units are ready for some books.

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