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Prototyping and door restoration.


It’s been a while since the last post been busy working on some repair jobs and restoration projects. Over the past weekend spent a bit of time figuring out what to do with the glued up maple pieces that I put together a few months ago. Decided to put a battery movement into the back and turn it into a mantle clock. The project proved to be a bit trickier than expected. First maple is really hard, bought a large 3″ drill bit to make a hole in the back for the movement which didn’t work out that well, basically was taking forever to make any progress. Ended up using smaller drill bits, a router and a chisel to cut the hole as shown below…

Also was putting some time into restoring some old art deco era doors. The doors were structurally sound but needed some work, filling holes and scratches and removing loose paint. Lots of paint on the hinges and handles which came off eventually and turned out quite nice. Cleaned out the mortise locks and sourced replacement keys for the locks as well.


Scraping paint and sanding takes quite a bit of time and also had cut out a panel and replace with glass. It’s best to do this work outside and wearing a decent mask.

A panel removed and ready for painting.


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