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Refinishing a filing Cabinet


It’s been a busy July, besides a few ongoing projects one thing I’ve trying to source is a decent filing cabinet for our place. Didn’t expect it to be this tricky to find something suitable. The ones I saw at Ikea were little bit too light and flimsy (yea I occasionally shop there).¬†Found a really nice vintage cabinet shown above but it’s way too big for our place so it’s destined for the workshop. It is a nice army green colour with solid brass hardware and is really sturdy, probably from the 40′s or 50′s, made by remington the typewriter makers. So basically have tried about 3 different types of filing cabinet, this smaller one below suited our apartment a lot better but needed some work.


After a lot of sanding brought it down to the bare metal. It’s has lots of scratch marks and swirls from the orbital sander but that gives it a bit of character. Probably will need another one like this very soon, 2 people tend to accumulate a lot of paper.



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