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October Update


Making a lot of progress with the new shop. It’s generally trial and error when figuring out where to store tools and materials but it’s coming together.

Have started building a couple of small condo scaled console tables which are in progress. Below shows some of the sides after gluing…


And this is a rough sketch of what they are going to look like…


And a close-up of the sides, consisting of 2″ strips of spruce plywood glued together. Had a lot of random off-cuts of plywood leftover, some old pieces and random bits of pine which I put together. These pieces have a mahogany edged front which matches nicely with the layers of plywood.


Have been working on a few new projects, including repairwork and refinishing. Completed a door refinishing job I mentioned a few months back. Worked on fixing and restoring the art deco hardware and replacing wooden panels with frosted glass. It’s possible to clean up the lock mechanisms and get replacement keys.



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