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Making of Bulletin Board


Have a few things on the go at the moment, almost finished making this frame for a bulletin board. Going to put it above my computer to keep track of all the bits of paper, receipts etc. Here a photo of the piece during construction.


Finished it with an amber shellac, a natural finishing material. The stuff is made from the deposits of the lac beetle, which converts sap into lac and uses the stuff to stick to the bark of trees generally in parts India and Thailand. ¬†Shellac is harvested and processed into flake form which is mixed with alcohol to form a finishing material. Tablets and sweets are sometimes coated in shellac so it’s pretty safe.


Another piece on the go is this table, made from reclaimed lumber. Spent a lot of time taking out the old nails and planing the pieces down to get a good surface like so…


Putting the legs together at the moment and have to cut the aprons and put it all together. You can see the nails holes in the wood which I plan leave unfilled, think they’re a nice feature.


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