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Kitchen Revamp

This project involved refinishing the doors of the kitchen shown above. The re-design was by Brant Hamilton Brown at Urban Country Interiors in Toronto. The concept was to change the look of the kitchen by adding moldings to the doors and drawers as shown in the rough sketch below and refinish with a two-tone colour scheme.

After taking all the parts down, started by stripping the finish using a chemical remover. It’s messy but the lacquer comes off eventually.

Some of the pieces after sanding. The edge veneer had to be replaced as the paint remover also softened the glue.

The doors after the new molding was applied, filled the gaps and nail holes with wood filler. It’s was tricky to get seamless joints between the moldings and the door so had to fill.

Some of the lower cabinet doors prior to staining.

The cabinetry for the fridge area during assembly.

The upper doors, cut out spaces for frosted glass and metal mesh.

The lower doors after staining and spraying with a clear lacqer.

The first stage of installation, started with the lowers. Tweaking the hinges took a lot of time.

The upper doors were finished with an off-white lacquer and glazed with an espresso stain to give an antiqued finish. The pieces were clear coated with a satin lacquer before installation.

It was difficult to find hardware to fit the existing 5″ wide holes on the lower cabinets. The solution was to go with a handle (the black one) and customize it by sanding it down with a grinder followed by a clear coat of lacqer to protect the steel from moisture. The project is finished have to get some up to date photographs.

Design: Interior Design: Brant Hamilton Brown @ Urban Country Interiors

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