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Rustic Tables

Made a coffee table and a desk recently fromĀ a stack of old framing 2 by 4′s. I think it’s pine as its soft and splintered quite a bit. It’s nice to use reclaimed lumber as it has a bit of character due to its age which is hard to get in fresh lumber. Below is a list of some of the steps in the making and some more photographs.

The first thing was to take out the old nails and cut the pieces to size.

Photo above shows wood after cutting to size planing and neatly sorting.

Glued up the 2 by 4 pieces and clamped them together and spent hours sanding.

Leveling the new sides of a future coffee table followed by more sanding.

Cut out a mortise so that the top will fit snugly into the base of the table.

Six months later a coffee table and a desk.

Both tables can be taken apart, the legs are bolted to the shelf and the top lifts off.

Finished the piece with a handed rubbed oil finish to give it a natural look, (looks more orange than it is due to the sun light).

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