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Plywood Sofa Table

Almost finished this console or sofa table made from strips of plywood. I started working on this about a year ago as I had lots of left-over pieces of 3/4″ ply from other projects lying around the shop. I glued up the top and sides and didn’t do much else with the pieces until a few weeks ago. As usual here are a few photos taking during construction.

Decided to do a finger type joint using a router. Used the router with a template guide and gradually cut out the sections above. The tricky part was making an accurate template so that both pieces fit snugly.

The table was then pre-assemled before gluing and clamping.

And the solid hardwood face was glued and clamped to the table below.

And here it is after some trimming and sanding. Plan to finish it with a clear coat of lacquer.

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