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Reclaimed Wood Desk

Just finished making a desk for a graphic designer. It’s made from salvaged lumber from an renovation site in Toronto. The lumber was a mixture of 12″ joists and some 8″ planks.

The boards had lots of nails which had to be removed before putting the pieces through the machines. Shown above is the top after it was glued and clamped.


The sides were assembled the same way and belt sanded afterwards.

All the pieces glued and clamped. I usually leave it like this overnight to allow the glue to cure.

Clamped face frames to the front and back which give the piece more structural rigidity.

Lots of filler used.

Lots of sanding.


After staining, needed to be left overnight to dry.

Hand brushed on 3-4 coats of varnish over a period of a few days.

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