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Custom Benches

Working on a couple of benches at the shop. The first one shown above is made from cherry and plywood laminated together. The piece measures 48″ Long by 14″ Deep by 18″ High. Generally 18″ is a good height for a bench or a coffee table, it could be used inside a hallway or either side of a dining table.

The sides and top before clamping and gluing.

The top and sides glued and clamped up.

A close up of the joinery.

This is me and the mitre saw working on the 2nd bench, it’s the same size as the first one but made with a mixture of pine off-cuts and plywood.

Top and sides before jointing.

Detail shows one end of a finger type joint, it interlocks with the side and gives a really strong joint when glued, you don’t get this strong a joint on mass produced stuff.

The almost finished bench ready for clear coating.

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