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Reclaimed Coffee Table with Drawer

New project from the shop… a reclaimed wood coffee table with a drawer for remotes or general storage. It’s made from a mixture of old pine and spruce. The top boards below were given to me a few years by friends who spotted them outside a house in their neighbourhood. I finally found a use for them with this small coffee table. It’s a compact design and is stained a dark “dairy milk” brown colour.

The reclaimed boards before they were glued together and stained. I think they were stair threads originally.

After assembly and staining with a dark brown. The pine really absorbs the stain as turned out a bit darker than expected

Early on. It’s was all made with pine and spruce. The off-cuts can be burnt afterwards whereas with plys/particleboard and mdf it’s not a good idea.

Half-way on in the project.

The drawer opens both ways it’s easy to access stuff. Almost finished, plan to paint the inside of the drawer and find some nice handles.

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