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Things I’m working on…


Here are some photos of refinishing projects from the summer months. Shown above is a desk I painted for a client using water based alkyd paint. Compared with oil based alkyd paint, the water based version is a bit trickier to apply. I found it dried a bit too quickly on the brush and took quite a few coats to get a good result.


The advantage to water based or borne paint is that there’s less solvent in the paint which makes less smelly and easier to clean up. I still prefer oil-based alkyd for ease of application. I’ll just have to get use to working with the water borne stuff as that’s all you can buy in paint stores now. Shown above is the desk after priming and 3 coats of paint.


I altered this kitchen island shown above. It was too tall and not at a nice working height. I took 5 inches from the top of the gable section and the same from the bottom of the 2 legs.




I couldn’t help myself with these danish chairs, another one of my pet projects . I usually recommend avoiding stripping on awkward surfaces as it’s takes way too long to remove paint from corners and joints. I have 4 similar ones already so not in a rush to finish these.


Currently have stripped them all, and are awaiting re-gluing.




It took about 4 hours to get them to this state. I’m still working on these will post more photos soon.


I also stripped the top of this bench and stained it a dark walnut colour.

Feel free to get in touch for more info and pricing if you would like a similar item refinished…

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